Book Review Policy

If you have a book review request, please email me at

I primarily read science fiction, thrillers, suspense, mystery, and some horror. If your story is something that doesn’t fit into any of these genres, I’ll certainly be happy to consider it. However, I don’t review romance or erotica novels.

As one person doing all the reading and reviewing, I try to do the best I can. My free time and interest are factors in reading a book and writing a comprehensive review for it in as timely a fashion as possible. Please understand if I have to defer or turn down any requests.

Please note that my review queue can get quite long at times. If you are an author or a publisher who has a book review request, please give me as much advance notice as you can prior to the book release date. I try to publish my review as close to the release date as possible. If it’s not possible, I will certainly get it done in as timely a manner as I can.

Thank you for considering me to read and review your book!

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