Book Review: The SynCorp Saga – Books 1-3 by David Bruns & Chris Pourteau

Book Title: The SynCorp Saga: Books 1-3

Authors: David Bruns & Chris Pourteau

Publication Date: February 12, 2021

Available OnAmazon as an eBook and as a paperback

Indie Athenaeum Rating: 5 out of 5 Stars

Earth is falling apart. Tidal waves erode shorelines, massive hurricanes crop up out of nowhere, sandstorms bury entire towns, wildfires blaze, earthquakes ravage and resources continue to dwindle. Even major coastal cities have been completely destroyed.

Unfortunately, humanity did this to themselves and is now stuck in reacting to each crisis as it develops. In the United States, the Disaster Mitigation Corps does its best to help its citizens, but it is overwhelmed. Earth is slowly self-destructing – can anything be done to stop it?

As freak weather continues to ravage the world, governments and corporations create a secret plan to save humanity. The New Earth Order (known as the Neo’s), plot to foil this plan and save Earth from humanity but their cure might be more horrific than the problem!

A Council of Corporations is formed to tackle these issues. But each member of the Council has their own ideas and their secret agendas are becoming clear. Alliances are forming behind the scenes and pawns are put into play to advance their plans. As the endgame is put into motion, the Neo’s make their big play. Can it even be stopped?

These events are the catalyst for this entire trilogy. Various characters come to the forefront and each has its own role to play. Remy Cade is a soldier who was disgraced for something he didn’t do and given a bad rap. William Graves is a disaster relief officer trying to help American citizens each time an environmental calamity befalls them. Together, they show the military side of what happening here.

Ming Qinlao is the daughter of a Chinese business magnate living on the Moon when her family and her destiny have other plans for her future. But this is far more than she ever expected and she has to take a tremendous burden on her shoulders. Anthony Taulke is a billionaire who’s been unsuccessful in attempting to save Earth in the past. As a result, he plans to terraform Mars to escape Earth and her plight.

Together, when presented with an opportunity to save the Earth once and for all, they all play a part in the grand plan. Though with the many surprising twists and turns in the story, things do not go as you might expect. All the different characters bring a different piece of the puzzle to the table that when put together, I saw the larger picture that much more clearly. When I did, the entire scope of the novel was laid bare and it was well executed and exhilarating.

The corporate scheming was still present and it meshed well with the military objectives and fighting amongst all the different factions vying to complete their objectives. And the final sequences were an electrifying series of events that involve a complicated, desperate and innovative space battle. The high stakes tension is so thick, the page-turning became more vigorous as I wondered who would live and who would die. There is plenty of military action in this trilogy and the finale was pitch-perfect in how it unfolded and held me with rapt attention.

I always enjoy the final novel in a trilogy because I know that all subplots that have been threaded throughout the first two novels have now become increasingly relevant. So, when I jumped into this one, I’m like a kid opening presents on Christmas morning, looking forward to seeing what I’d gotten. And wow, I was very happy with where the story went. The machinations of everything up to this point throughout the entire trilogy come to head, and no matter what you think might happen, you’re never going to guess how the events transpire.

What happens to Earth, to the NEO movement, to each individual character, and their respective arcs, all are woven together to create a suspenseful and creatively plotted trilogy. There is a lot paid off here in terms of the origin of the Neo’s and the revelations of each of the Council factions. And the unexpected plot twists kept me turning the pages in welcome anticipation of where the novel would take me next.

The conclusion of the trilogy was thrilling, filled with surprises and twists that I really enjoyed. However, there’s a couple of lingering plot points in which I wanted a deeper explanation. I do trust the authors with their storytelling here and hope that in the next trilogy, these questions will be answered. I’ll consider these dangling plot threads until I read the next book in the series to see what happens next. And I’m eagerly on board to see how this universe expands one generation later in the next installment of the SynCorp Saga trilogy.

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