COVID-19 is heartbreaking, ravaging our world and killing tens of thousands. As there’s no vaccine, the only effective strategy to contain its exponential growth is to self-isolate and stay at home.

There’s not much a science fiction writer can do beyond encourage people to listen to the experts and wash their hands, but I thought I could help with a #StayHome #ReadAtHome campaign.

Not my library, but oh, how I wish…

Here’s how it works… for the next 40 days, there will be at least one novel available for free on Amazon every two days! Each ebook will remain free for five days (or as determined by the author). Here’s the schedule. Hopefully, that’ll give you plenty to #ReadAtHome.

The Curious Case of the Hounds of HellSherlock Holmes undertakes his most challenging case yetThursdayApril 16thApril 20th
Melody 8A teenager’s…

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