Happy First Anniversary to The Indie Athenaeum!

One year ago today, on April 17, 2019, I published my first blog post announcing the birth of The Indie Athenaeum! It’s hard to believe that I’ve been doing this blog for a year now.

I took a look and as of this writing, I’ve published one-hundred and forty-eight posts on the blog. I can’t even begin to imagine how many total words that I’ve written but I know that it’s a lot. I’m going to estimate that it must be close to or even over one million words by now. That’s a lot of writing!

In that time, I’ve built a blog with plenty of content in it, from brand new book reviews published weekly to adding some of my older reviews here as well. I’ve been writing book reviews since May 19, 2013, and I have no plans on stopping now. I’ve also been expanding the different kinds of content on here and have plans for much more to come. Plans like applying for a press pass for BookExpo/BookCon in 2021, since the convention was canceled this year due to the pandemic.

Looking at my Amazon.com profile (found here), I’ve posted 488 reviews over the years, with 1,838 helpful votes and over 50,000 views of my reviews on Amazon alone. And my Amazon Reviewer Ranking currently stands at 6,002, the highest it’s ever been! I’m floored to see those kinds of numbers. Thank you to everyone that has read and enjoyed my reviews, as well as everyone who has marked them as helpful!

My review queue has plenty of books in it, for which I remain always grateful. It continues to humble me that authors and publishers are kind enough to think of me when they ask me to review their stories. Likewise, I feel the same way when I ask if I can review a title, authors and publishers are gracious enough to say “yes” to my request.

I’m also grateful for the ongoing support from authors, publishers, and the reading community. I love to celebrate reading and love sharing wonderful book recommendations. I love to sing about the praises of books and how they transport me to other worlds. I really hope that enthusiasm shows with every post I publish.

For each and every one of you who share my content and spread the word, I’m so appreciative of you! To each and every one of my readers, subscribers (I have subscribers – how awesome is that!), authors and friends in the indie publishing community – THANK YOU!

Take a look at the very beginning of The Indie Athenaeum by going here. As I continue to grow the blog and spotlight excellent books, I look forward to sharing more book reviews with you as well as new and surprising content. And I can’t wait to see what the next twelve months will bring!

Image by Clker-Free-Vector-Images from Pixabay

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