Free Ebooks & Sales For The Self-Quarantined: Reading Recommendations!

Currently, the world is dealing with the coronavirus pandemic and many people are self-quarantined inside of their homes, wondering what to do. Sales of jigsaw puzzles and board games are up, as well as sales of video game consoles like the Nintendo Switch.

I would suggest this is also a time to read books too. It’s a great way to pass the time, distract yourself from your daily routines and transport yourself to another world different from this one that you will enjoy.

The world is united in one purpose: to get rid of the coronoavirus and return life back to normal. In the meantime, while we are sheltering-in-place in our homes, here are some great ebook sales going on for stories that I have read, reviewed and enjoyed.

Please note that these sale prices are current at the time of this blog post publication and may change at any time in the near future.

Short Story Title: The Evil in Devil’s Creek by Paul B. Kohler

Sale Price: FREE – purchase here on Amazon

Owen and his girlfriend Sheri are driving on a long road trip through a desolate landscape. But suddenly, they hit a dog! Trying to find help for it, they find a seemingly abandoned town. But the longer they stay there, the more they realize something evilstrange is going on. Sheri’s behavior becomes unstable and they find the town has some ties to the region’s history. So, why are their lives put in such serious danger and will they even survive the forces arrayed against them?!

He slowly builds the suspense, has quirky yet very real characters that seem like someone you might know and an ability to make the reader feel deep emotion. In this case, he was successful in making me experience fear for these characters and the peril they find themselves in.

Each situation Owen and Sheri find themselves in gets eerier as the story unfolds as the danger factor ratchets up and the puzzle pieces start to fit together. By the time I reached the end, I was completely terrified by its conclusion.

For the full Indie Athenaeum review of this title, please click here.

Book Title: The Princess and the Zombie and Other Stories by Lyndon Perry

Sale Price: FREE – purchase here on Amazon

In this short story collection from author Lyndon Perry, there’s a nice variety of tales to enjoy. There are light horror tales with the zombie stories, as well as tales with great twists, paranormal occurrences and intriguing characters. Overall, there six short stories here to enjoy.

While there is some danger from the zombies, lp-princessthe stories are more about the Farnsworth family. Their interactions, camaraderie, family bonds and love are the heart of these zombie stories. Their banter is humorous and they support one another through their trials and tribulations.

The zombie tales take up about half of this collection. Would it be a step too far to call it “zombie comfort food” due to the nature of these stories? I think not. The other stories were just as wonderful, with rich characterization, fascinating story ideas and the ability to immerse me in the tales they had to tell.

I’ve read this author before and his short stories and novels continue to be filled with a sparkling imagination, a good sense of humor and the ability to always enrapture me with his tales. Pick up this collection for some offbeat, (mostly) gentle and absorbing stories with inventive topics and storytelling style.

For the full Indie Athenaeum review of this title, please click here.

Book Title: The Athens Job: A Companion Novella to Rules of Engagement by David Bruns & J.R. Olson

Sale Price: $0.99 – purchase here on Amazon and Barnes & Noble

Rafiq Roshed is one of the world’s most notorious terrorists who almost succeeded in detonating a nuclear bomb on United States soil. On the run and out of allies, he’s got nowhere to go and a burning vengeance against those who have stolen everything from him. But an opportunity comes calling when someone from his past reaches out to him.

db-athensThe relentless pacing here matches that of the other stories these authors have written and makes it difficult to put down at any point. There are multiple characters and a couple of different plotlines expertly intertwining together as Roshed tries to succeed in his objectives even while he tries to stay one step ahead of those who want justice for his past actions.

The action sequences are swift, brutal and merciless, as you can feel Roshed’s desperation in trying to escape from those who want to capture or kill him. And for a bad guy you don’t want to root for, Roshed’s meticulous planning of each of his tasks makes for enveloping reading. And his cunning and improvisational skills make him a difficult man to capture and an even more dangerous man to corner.

This is an excellent and gripping novella that has it all. Breathtaking suspense, careful plotting, startling twists, assassination attempts, jockeying for political power and globetrotting from one nation to another.

For the full Indie Athenaeum review of this title, please click here.

Book Title: Legendarium – The Wrath of Bob by Michael Bunker & Kevin G. Summers

Sale Price: $0.99 – purchase here on Amazon

The Legendarium is a metaphysical library, housing all the stories in the known universe ever published. To save it, Bombo Dawson and Alistair Foley must jump into different pieces of literature and make sure the story stays on track and reaches its intended ending. The severe consequences of their failure will cause irrevocable changes to world history for the worse!

I love the concept of the Legendarium. There are L2endless stories that can be told about this concept and the first novel deftly explored this idea. This sequel increases the stakes even more considerably than the first one if you can imagine that.

All new classic (and not-so-classic) stories are explored here, from high fantasy to western romance, Russian literature and even beloved classics you’ve heard of but might not have read (because “they’re boring”, as Alistair states). It sets the stage for an exciting and unpredictable novel where nothing will go the way you would think and you will never guess the ending, which is the most surprising of all.

This novel is irreverent and clever, satirizing anything and everything from popular culture and classic literature. Nothing is spared and everything is fair game for being ruthlessly and humorously poked and prodded. There’s no place for political correctness here. However, if you enjoy sacred cows being deflated left and right in the funniest way possible, this novel deserves to be read by you. I think you will find it uproariously funny like I did.

For the full Indie Athenaeum review of this title, please click here.

Book Title: Crossline by Russ Colchamiro

Sale Price: $1.99 – purchase here on Amazon

Marcus Powell is a brash test pilot working for Taurus Enterprises, a global company that has invented a prototype craft that has the potential to travel the galaxy in a fraction of the time it takes for standard aircraft to do so. But when Marcus finds a mysterious wormhole out in deep space, he crosses over to a parallel dimension where he finds out what his destiny truly is.

As his destiny plays out, lives are on the line as war looms and Buddy engages in actions that could trap Marcus in the other dimension forever! What does Marcus find there and how will his actions impact both worlds?

crossBaked into this culture is an exploration of two worlds and the key figures in them. Each Earth has an important part to play in this rollicking voyage and the suspense inherent in this plot kept me turning pages to see what would happen next. The stakes are very high, are a bit unexpected and hold the fate of two worlds in the balance.

The final third of the novel weaves together all of the different plot and the character threads into one fine tapestry, making it extremely hard to put down as the intensity rocketed sky-high, put the pedal to the metal and didn’t stop until it reached its breathtaking conclusion. It was one hell of a roller-coaster!

This is a high-flying adventure of a novel, filled with ambitious ideas, unusual connections between parallel worlds and mystical planes of existence. I really enjoyed the bold ideas and fully dimensional characters. It’s a thrill ride with a big heart and I savored the experience of reading it.

For the full Indie Athenaeum review of this title, please click here.

Book Title: Murder in Montague Falls – Noir-Inspired Novellas by Russ Colchamiro, Sawney Hatton & Patrick Thomas

Sale Price: $1.99 – purchase here on Amazon

Who doesn’t love a good old-fashioned story about murder? As long as it remains in the fictional realm, that is. This anthology consists of three novellas about murder in the small town of Montague Falls and each one takes place in a different time period. They are stories are inspired by the noir style, so they feature dark subjects that are not just about murder, bleak situations and a lack of morals.

But it also features teen protagonists with Montague Fallstroubled pasts grappling with the rites of passage that come with edging toward adulthood. From earning money doing a paper route to finding a way to fit in with others to discover how far you would go for love; anyone can relate to these teens and their situations.

Each novella features a murder mystery. Sometimes you know who the victim is but you don’t know why. Sometimes, you don’t know who the victim is but you find out how they died over the course of the story. And sometimes, you don’t know who is going to die until you reach the finale of the tale. But each time, I was enthralled with the story and the startling turns each one took. At times, I was even horrified at some of the acts these teens committed.

Overall, each one was a pulse-pounding tale that thrilled me with its mystery and enveloping storytelling. Each one was also vastly different from one another, providing a variety of tales and different motivations for each murder committed.

For the full Indie Athenaeum review of this title, please click here.


Book Title: Serial Killer Z, Serial Killer Z: Sanctuary & Serial Killer Z: Shadows by Philip Harris

Sale Price: $0.99 each for books two, three and four in the Serial Killer Z series

Purchase Serial Killer Z on Amazon here

Purchase Serial Killer Z: Sanctuary on Amazon here

Purchase Serial Killer Z: Shadows on Amazon here

From Serial Killer Z, book two in the series:

Marcus Black was a serial killer in the world before the zombie apocalypse. After the world went to hell and zombies began roaming the Earth, he’s been looking for a sanctuary he can be alone in. Trying to survive and keeping the darker side of his soul under control until he can feed it, he finds some solace in killing those who are sk2the living dead. But it all changes when his sanctuary is found by a trio of people who are also looking for someplace safe to rest. But when their survival is on the line, they all band together to fight the zombie enemy. Will they all survive the horrors of this new world?

As we get to know the setting, the world and Marcus himself, we begin to understand why Marcus behaves the way he does. We slowly get clues about how Marcus’ psyche works, what his skills are, what his life was like prior to the end of the world and how he views humanity. He views himself as doing good deeds with his murderous ways. These skewed justifications that Marcus makes paints a disturbing psychological portrait of a man in control of himself but letting his shadow side free, not because he wants to but because he has to.

sk3Marcus is a fascinating character as a result, as it is the classic battle of man versus himself while also being a man versus his environment and versus his fellow humans as well. This duality of self generates genuine tension. It’s a masterful depiction of an unbalanced mind continually trying to protect his secrets in front of others and effectively demonstrates how this is a difficult tightrope to walk.

For the full Indie Athenaeum review of Serial Killer Z, please click here.

For the full Indie Athenaeum review of Serial Killer Z: Sanctuary, please click here.

For the full Indie Athenaeum review of Serial Killer Z: Shadows, please click here.

I hope everyone enjoyed these reading recommendations. Stay safe, everyone!

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