Reading Room: Hostile Takeover – The SynCorp Saga, Book 3 by David Bruns & Chris Pourteau

Book Title: Hostile Takeover: A Sci-Fi Corporate Technothriller – The SynCorp Saga, Book 3

AuthorsDavid Bruns & Chris Pourteau

Publication Date: Nov. 12, 2018

Available onAmazon as an eBook

Indie Athenaeum Rating: 5 out of 5 Stars

Almost six months after the previous novel, the story picks up with the aftermath of what happened. Earth’s weather is still under control of the pregnant Elise Kisaan, who’s on the Council of Corporations. Each member of the Council has their own ideas on how to solve the problem and their secret agendas are becoming clear.

But alliances are forming behind the scenes lp1and pawns are put into play to advance their plans. As the endgame is put into motion, Earth’s fate hangs in the balance. But what part does the New Earth Order (NEO) have in all of this?

Anthony Taulke has a plan to wrest control of the planet away from Kisaan and Adrianna Rabh has a plan to derail whatever ideas have already been put into motion. And William Graves meets a woman, Corazon Santos, a NEO who’s leading a caravan of refugees from the south into America.

In the meantime, Ming Qinlao, still recovering from the events of the previous novel, plots revenge after learning something critical. It all comes to a head where all the cards are placed on the table and all bets are off. Characters die, plans are exposed, there are double-crosses and the Council of Corporations is put to the ultimate test.

I always enjoy the final novel in a trilogy because I know that all subplots that have been threaded throughout the first two novels now become increasingly relevant. So, when I jumped into this one, I’m like a kid opening presents on Christmas morning, looking cw2forward to seeing what I’d gotten. And wow, I was very happy with where the story went. The machinations of everything up to this point throughout the entire trilogy come to head, and no matter what you think might happen, you’re never going to guess how the events transpire.

What happens to Earth, to the NEO movement, to each individual character and their respective arcs, all are woven together to create a suspenseful and creatively plotted trilogy. There is a lot paid off here in terms of the origin of the NEO’s and in the revelations of each of the Council factions. And the unexpected plot twists kept me turning the pages in welcome anticipation of where the novel would take me next.

I really like the way Adrianna Rabh and William Graves, who were supporting characters in the previous novels, really step up to the plate and are given a lot more to do. There’s a good reason why they move to the center stage and their part is crucial in how the story unfolds. Once again, Ming Qinlao is given some of the best story material as her journey becomes even more intense and personal.

The conclusion was thrilling, filled with vssurprises and twists that I really enjoyed. However, there’s a couple of lingering plot points in which I wanted a deeper explanation. I do trust the authors with their storytelling here and hope that in the next trilogy, these questions will be answered.

I’ll consider these dangling plot threads until I read the next book in the series to see what happens next. And I’m eagerly on board to see how this universe expands one generation later in the next installment of SynCorp Saga trilogy.

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