Halloween Reading Recommendations!

Today is the day before Halloween and for some people, it’s time to go make some mischief. It’s also that time of year when we all like to get a little scared, decorate our homes, carve a pumpkin and prepare to go trick or treating! But what if we just want to go curl up in our favorite reading chair and read something?

To put us in the right frightful mood, here are some book recommendations to bring out the Halloween spirit in all of us:

Short Story: The Legends of Boone Ridge by Artie Cabrera

Halloween Category: Werewolves, monsters, supernatural

Nathan and Kurt are brothers visiting their home boonein a small, offbeat community located in upstate New York. Each one hides a secret, going back generations. But when malevolent forces come after them, they must use their abilities to protect themselves and those they care about!

I feel this is the author’s best work to date, featuring fully rounded characters, heartwarming moments, shocking supernatural powers, primeval entities, deep emotion, and bold inventiveness, all compressed into this one impressive story. More, please!

For the full Indie Athenaeum review of this title, click here.

Novel: Between Life and Death – Savannah Slays, Book 5 in the Between Life and Death series by Ann Christy

Halloween Category: Zombies

Savannah is a college-age student, hungover from the previous night and is late for class. That’s a bad combination to start out with when the zombie apocalypse is unleashed on the world and no one knows it until it’s too late! Working with her fellow students, she ac-savannahuses her skills to take charge and try to figure out just how to survive. The strategies she uses to do so and whom she allies herself with form the core of the novel and how they must navigate this new world they find themselves living in.

I feel like I know the characters and have developed a real friendship with them over a period of many years. Of course, this means that if someone we care about dies in the novel, it hurts deeply too. And the author is also good at doing that, going dark and hitting me in the gut with some of what they all go through, surprising me at every turn.

Prep your zombie apocalypse bugout bag and make sure this book is in it. It’s another terrific and terrifying adventure into a zombie apocalypse unlike any you’ve ever read.

For the full Indie Athenaeum review of this title, click here.

Novel: Serial Killer Z by Philip Harris

Halloween Category: Serial killers, zombies, horror

Marcus Black was a serial killer in the world before the zombie apocalypse. After the world went to hell and zombies began roaming the Earth, he’s been looking for a sanctuary he can be alone in. Trying to survive skz1and keeping the darker side of his soul under control until he can feed it, he finds some solace in killing those who are the living dead.

But it all changes when his sanctuary is found by a trio of people who are also looking for someplace safe to rest. But when everyone’s survival is on the line, they all band together to fight the zombie enemy. Will they all survive the horrors of this new world?

This proves to be a remarkable premise and a refreshing way to look at the end of the world. How a serial killer not only functions in it but thrive on the chaos and lawlessness that reigns is very much an extraordinary tale that took me on a crazy thrill ride. The action scenes are flawless and Marcus’ struggle against himself makes for a rousing psychological depiction of a man with no moral boundaries and careful self-control.

For the full Indie Athenaeum review of this title, click here.

Novella: Broken Shells: A Subterranean Horror Novella by Michael Patrick Hicks

Halloween Category: Monsters, horror

Antoine has had a rough life. He’s a young man who spent two years in jail for a felony, lost his job as an auto mechanic and then comes home to a lazy girlfriend, a screaming baby, and bills to pay. Nothing is going right for him.

bsBut when he gets a notification that he may have won five thousand dollars at the local car dealership, he checks it out. Suddenly, he’s then tossed down a dark hole, enters a subterranean horror, finds hellish hungry monsters and no way to escape! How will Antoine survive this nightmare, if he even can?

The title has more than one just meaning, reflecting the themes of the story while also providing a roller-coaster ride filled with tension, gore, and suspense. This kind of strong storytelling is why I continue to read and enjoy this author’s stories, because of the consistent craft, visceral thrills, bloody gore, and strong characterization. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to make sure my basement has nothing like these hideous beasts hiding in it.

For the full Indie Athenaeum review of this title, click here.

Short story collection: Tales from the Canyons of the Damned: No. 28 – published by Daniel Arthur Smith, with stories by Robert Jeschonek, Michael Anthony Lee, Will Swardstrom & Daniel Arthur Smith

Halloween Category: Trick or Treating, horror, hell, witches, werewolves

It’s all treats and no tricks in this Halloween themed edition of Canyons. They all feature an inventively different twist on trick-or-treating and turn it into a memorable and disturbing event that is enjoyable and unforgettable. canyons 28Take a stroll down the street with your bag full of candy with these four short stories.

These editions of Canyons that focus on one particular theme are always something extra special. They stand out from the usual excellent reading and seem to bring out something really inspiring from the authors featured in it.

Halloween always brings out the love of the creepy factor in all of us but this edition takes the theme and brings it to new heights. Each one took a familiar experience that we know from our childhood and gave it an innovative twist that I immensely enjoyed.

For the full Indie Athenaeum review of this title, click here.

Novel: Blood for Stone by Logan Thomas Snyder

Halloween Category: Monsters, supernatural, vampires

In a world filled with paranormal inhabitants like humans, gargoyles, werewolves, and vampires, they all co-exist in one large city with smaller suburbs devoted to their respective species. To keep law and order in all the different territories, Inspectors Cato and Smiley are specially appointed to police them all in cases that cross jurisdictions.

lts-bloodBut then there is a heinous murder of an underworld boss that sparks the simmering tension lying underneath the veneer of the fragile peace they’ve tried to maintain. Can Cato and Smiley solve the crime and prevent the city from erupting into a full-blown war between all the different species?

Every major character we meet gets a spectacular spotlight thrown on them and is given a chance to shine and heroically act when the novel goes into overdrive. And when it does, there’s a very good reason that the battle cry “we fight till we fall!” is used here and it’s fantastic. Overall, this is a fast-paced adventure that becomes more unpredictable the further you read.

For the full Indie Athenaeum review of this title, click here.

Novel: As The Crow Flies by Rysa Walker & Caleb Amsel

Halloween Category: Psychological horror, altered reality, monsters

Haddonwood is a small Tennessee town with a deep history where everybody knows everyone. Things are congenial, people live their lives and go about their daily routines. But underneath the surface, something is just a little off-kilter.

There’s something strange in this neighborhood. rw-as the crowPeople have unusual memories or experience illusions where their reality is drastically different from the one they know. Cats and crows even behave in peculiar ways that seem to indicate they are more intelligent than one would think.

As Haddonwood starts to slowly pile up one horrific occurrence after another, the mystery deepens, and reality starts to unravel before everyone’s eyes. How is all of this connected to the old abandoned Grimshaw house up on a hill that sometimes emits strange blue lights?

Each chapter and each character made me want to read more about them. Then, when placed into this intriguing plot, it sparked my imagination and injected creepy fright with each passing page.

I really enjoyed this innovative approach to the horror genre, which also creatively blends in elements from other genres as well. Together, it made for an enthralling novel where I cannot wait to see how the sequel upends the world created here and fleshes it out even further.

For the full Indie Athenaeum review of this title, click here.

I hope you enjoyed this special round-up of Halloween reads!


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