Reading Room: Tales from the Canyons of the Damned: No. 28 – published by Daniel Arthur Smith

Book Title: Tales from the Canyons of the Damned: No. 28

Authors: Robert Jeschonek, Michael Anthony Lee, Will Swardstrom & Daniel Arthur Smith

EditorJessica West

Publication Date: October 25, 2018

Available onAmazon as an eBook and a paperback

Indie Athenaeum Rating: 5 out of 5 Stars

It’s all treats and no tricks in this Halloween themed edition of Canyons. They all feature an inventively different twist on trick-or-canyons 27treating and turn it into a memorable and disturbing event that is enjoyable and unforgettable. Take a stroll down the street with your bag full of candy, starting with:

Robert Jeschonek’s “Trick or Treat in Hell” – Boyd is giving out candy on Halloween night and encounters some young children. But for some reason, keep knocking on his door, appearing a few years older each time. What is going on here and why is this happening? This tale starts out simple enough but evolves into an even more horrifying story that leads into a shocking revelation.

Michael Anthony Lee’s “Trick or Treat” – A grandmother is worried about her granddaughter going out alone on Halloween night. Why is she so worried? A great story with a twist and ends with a gruesome jaw-dropper.

Will Swardstrom’s “One Last Trip Around the Block” – It’s 1989 and Will is going out trick-or-treating with his friends, trying to find the houses giving out the best candy. But c26when their friend Gabe can’t go, what happens next? A spooky tale with some great conversational banter, camaraderie that made me feel like one of the gang and an impressive discovery at the end of the story.

Daniel Arthur Smith’s “By the Light of the Full Earth” – It’s the future and Cassie is going trick-or-treating with her friends around the lunar colony they live in. Having never been to Earth, they talk about what it must be like. But this Halloween experience is one they will never forget! I loved the imagination at work here and the truly unexpected ending that made me howl with delight.

These editions of Canyons that focus on one particular theme are always something extra special. They stand out from the usual excellent reading and seem to bring out something really inspiring from the authors featured in it. Halloween always brings out the love of the creepy factor in all of us but this edition takes the theme and brings it to new heights. Each one took a canyons25familiar experience that we know from our childhood and gave it an innovative twist that I immensely enjoyed.

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