Reading Room: Galaxy’s Edge – Requiem For Medusa by Jason Anspach & Nick Cole

Book Title: Galaxy’s Edge: Requiem For Medusa – Tyrus Rechs: Contracts & Terminations, Book 1

AuthorsJason Anspach, and Nick Cole

Editor: David Gatewood

Publication Date: June 15, 2018

Available on: Amazon as an eBook and as a paperback

Indie Athenaeum Rating: 5 out of 5 Stars

Tyrus Rechs is an experienced bounty hunter with millennia of experience and is the best there is at what he does. His reputation is such that the mere mention of his name inspires fear in his enemies. But if Rechs is after you, you know that you are guaranteed to be killed. So, when a bounty hunter named Medusa, whom he has a connection to, is found dead, he goes on a mission to find out what happened. Following one lead after another, nothing will stand in Rechs’ way to find out the truth and mete out swift and cold justice. Can anything stop the one-man army that is Tyrus Rechs?

Rechs did not become the best bounty hunter in the galaxy without being intelligent and cunning in his strategy, especially to root out the people behind the death of Medusa. We see this time and again with each engagement with his enemies and how he disposes of them. Hot on the trail of Medusa’s killer, he finds one clue after another and with each one he finds, the action only gets more stupendous and more risky with each encounter. Rechs’ cleverness shines through in each and every battle he finds himself in.

Whether he’s fighting for survival in a giant ship GE-chasingorbiting a planet or a space station called Cassio Royale that caters to the whims of the wealthy, he travels to many different locales. Traveling to the seedy bars in the underbelly of the station, finding the power brokers behind the two large cartels operating there, this novel is filled with many characters with secret agendas, lots of money at stake and opposing forces who will all come to clash with one another before everything is said and done.

From the Cassio Royale security chief who only wants to keep the peace on the station to the Republic Kill Team dispatched to get Rechs, they’re presence only complicates Rechs’ mission and his ability to carry it out. Add in the two heads of the cartels warring for dominance in Cassio Royale, Schock, and Gamatti, as well as their goons and you get a body count that’s staggeringly high.

There’s also a crucial section of the novel about the “Game of Death” that, as you might’ve guessed, is not about unicorns and rainbows. To find a critical piece of information as he closes in on the identity of who killed Medusa, he must enter this game along with almost 900 other players (!) on an island where everyone must fight to the last man in order to win the grand prize. Also, there are special weapons hidden all around this island as well as a neural nullifying field. This field contracts across the island, forcing the players into ever tighter quarters in a short period of time or they get their brains scrambled. Sound like fun? It’s fun to read about but I’m sure it’s not fun to experience the effects of this field firsthand.

iwThis sounds like one of the most brutal first-person shooter video games ever devised and it’s described like one as well. I can imagine in my head how the authors must have typed these scenes on their keyboards, laughing maniacally as they did so. Maybe they’re murmuring to themselves “And then THIS happens to Rechs and then someone dies and then, OHHH, cool plot twist!”

In-between the inventive battle scenes that are clearly described and ever so dangerous, there is a deeper emotional center to this novel. Rechs is someone that doesn’t let anyone get close to him, preferring the company of his artificial intelligence onboard his trusty starship, the Obsidian Crow or the robot G232, whom he enlists to help him pull off some of his schemes. So, why is Medusa so important to him? The answers to this are beautifully illustrated as memories interspersed into the story as we go as Rechs remembers his times with her and why he’s fighting so hard for payback.

Medusa herself is wonderfully fleshed out with her own motivations and skills. Her tragic past is one of the reasons why we, as readers, want to see her avenged. The two of them together provide the beating heart of the novel, in-between the thrilling action sequences. It demonstrates a different side to Rechs than we haven’t seen much of in previous novels and is a welcome expansion of his character.

Rechs is also more complicated than he originally appears to be. He has a strong moral code, goes out of his way to protect innocents and to deliver vengeance to those whom he believes deserve it. This makes him more sympathetic than it would first appear and also helps the reader root for him to succeed, even when it looks like he won’t survive the day.

This novel takes place many, many decades ootcbefore the current Galaxy’s Edge series. It is a standalone novel meant to highlight a time period of the galaxy that readers are familiar with, but not so much that it takes place during the current events of the first nine novels. Instead, it showcases Rechs and all of his gruesome skills.

The special effects in this novel would almost bankrupt a major movie studio if it ever made it to the big screen. With such a wide scope that never loses its focus on Rechs and his mission, this is a fantastic novel. It’s filled with the joy of playing with your action figures in the sandbox and letting your imagination run wild. To see the authors writing it with such gleeful abandon, I was immersed in the sheer fun of its storytelling and caused me to zoom through this novel in record time. Watching Rechs mow down his enemies and go to town killing those whom he thinks deserves to meet their maker is exceptionally enjoyable to read.

I was grinning from ear to ear the whole time as I read this novel. From the electrifying final battle between all the different factions to the reveals as to who is behind the plot to kill Medusa to the epilogue that was the most touching part of the entire book. This book exudes non-stop FUN from beginning to end. If you’ve never read a Galaxy’s Edge novel, ge-legionairreyou can start here and have a satisfying experience. If you have, it has connections to other novels in the series that continuity-minded readers will notice. But, it can be read on its own and readers will have no trouble following it.

Since the tagline for the Galaxy’s Edge series is “Star Wars not Star Wars”, this book presents the Boba Fett equivalent of a bounty hunter in this universe. Ultimately, this novel is what a Boba Fett movie should look like. Guns, explosions, multiple factions fighting for supremacy, deaths, run and gun action the way you like it and many twists and turns with intriguing plot machinations. Add in a mission that’s highly personal and some background on the most mysterious figure in this universe and you get a novel that is a non-stop action movie filled with surprises and more emotional depth than you would expect with such a character in this kind of story.

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