Book Review: Chronicle Worlds: Legacy Fleet – published by Samuel Peralta & Nick Webb

Book Title: Chronicle Worlds: Legacy Fleet – An Anthology of Speculative Fiction – Future Chronicles, Book 20

Authors: Nick Webb, David Adams, Peter CawdronPatrice Fitzgerald, K. J. Fieler, Jon Frater, K. J. Heritage, Ralph KernJoseph Robert Lewis, J.E. Mac, Felix R. SavageWill Swardstrom, Matthew Alan ThyerChristopher J. Valin.

Series Editors: Samuel Peralta & Nick Webb

EditorTherin Knite

Publication Date: May 17, 2019

Available OnAmazon as an eBook

Indie Athenaeum Rating: 5 out of 5 Stars

Do you like space opera? Gigantic space battles between ships? Mysterious and creepy aliens? The clashing of forces against almost unbeatable enemies? Welcome to Nick Webb’s “Legacy Fleet”, a vast universe of possibilities filled with all of this and more. While The Legacy Fleet Trilogy (3 Book Series) covers a lot of ground, there are plenty tales to be told with characters that don’t get a lot of screen time, shedding some light on their background or showing alternative points of view of big events. That’s where this anthology comes in.

Fourteen authors have come together to play in this amazing sandbox to bring you tales of intrigue, behind the scenes mystery, characters vividly brought to life and situations previous unexplored. With a fascinating foreword by anthology producer Samuel Peralta chronicling the rise of short story anthologies and the origin of this collection, we then dive right into an introduction and short story by Legacy Fleet creator Nick Webb, starting with:

Nick Webb’s “Starfall” – Granger is in a battle fc19with the deadly Swarm, putting lives at risk. But in order to save them all, he must reveal a deep secret that could backfire on him completely. A compelling story about one man’s desire to help and to serve others, no matter what the personal cost.

Will Swardstrom’s “Cleveland” – In 2575, Isaac is a natural pilot, flying in the Air National Defense for Earth’s protection. But when The Swarm first invades, how will him and his fellow pilots react to an unwinnable battle? This is a strong tale of camaraderie between pilots and a piercing, emotional portrait of one man who discovers the limits of what he can handle.

J.E. Mac’s “The Loneliness of the Long Distance Scavenger” – Petrov scours the spaceways with his artificial intelligence Nahta looking for salvage in order to sell. But when he discovers something strange and powerful inside of a dormant ship, does he hit the big time or find big trouble? A story filled with witty banter, engaging storytelling, and unexpected surprises.

David Adams’ “Pavlov’s Dogs” – Pavlov and his squad are on a mission to retrieve a briefcase that is supremely vital to the war effort. Will they all make the rendezvous in time and succeed in their efforts? An impressive, tense and gritty story of attempted survival, being resourceful and working together as a team against all odds with heart-pounding action.

Ralph Kern’s “Akula” – Kapitan Zakharovich must work with the untrustworthy Confederation Security Bureau in a secret operation to secure a seemingly quiet Swarm capital ship. After quietly infiltrating it, they find there is more to this situation than they fc18bargained for. This is a subversive and game of cat and mouse that simmers into a boil where the stakes are high and the tables get turned unpredictably.

Patrice Fitzgerald’s “The Shelby Game” – Shelby Proctor is at the top of her class, determined to be the best fighter pilot. Her colleague Tassich, keeps trying to stymie her in her efforts. Will she succeed in her final flying simulation or will things get more complicated than she anticipated? An involving and poignant tale of heartbreak that keeps you guessing.

Kev Heritage’s “Churchill’s Rock” – Caz is a talented cadet in a training exercise, seen by her peers as arrogant. Attempting to prevail, a catastrophe occurs and Caz becomes an outcast but will she get a chance to redeem herself? A touching tale of a woman trying to succeed that also features captivating storytelling and utilizes an impressive battle strategy.

Jon Frater’s “The Flight of the Vulture” – Captain Poldark and his motley crew run a salvage ship get a chance to grab some unique and rare alien tech, looking for a big payday. But they encounter some unforeseen problems along the way; will they make it out of this one alive? It’s filled with ingenious twists and turns, memorable characters and some creative problem-solving.

Matthew Alan Thyer’s “LUMP” – On the edge of known space, the IDF has a crew spying on the Confederate forces, wondering what secrets they hold. But when the situation turns deadly and an unknown factor throws everything upside down, what will they do? A spine-tingling tale that has plenty of inventive plot twists and an imaginative ending.

Peter Cawdron’s “Killer” – Jac delicately pilots fc17the ship stealthily, struggling to keep it from being discovered in a training exercise that deteriorates rapidly. Maintaining a battlefield advantage, her options eventually run out and a crucial decision must be made! Brimming with tension and compelling character development, this is a formidable tale about the terrible price of duty that soldiers must pay.

K.J. Fieler’s “Loyalty” – Ridell is plummeting to his death in his X-25 fighter, battling an unknown entity that has ties to Earth’s past. But when all is revealed to Ridell, will this creature be humanity’s friend or foe? An insidious tale of conspiracy, mistrust, and paranoia in the middle of war, even when motivations are ably demonstrated through commendable actions.

Joseph Robert Lewis’ “The Enemy Within” – Hinds is a special operative who encounters an anomaly within a debris field. But when the situation transforms into a space battle with a mysterious enemy possessing strange armaments, it becomes a fight for her life! Featuring top-notch action, clever repartee and stakes that rapidly escalate in a spectacular one-to-one dogfight that leads to some major revelations.

Christopher J. Valin’s “Duty Calls” – When an ensign is murdered by being blown out of an airlock, who did it? Lt. Zamora must investigate the ensign’s history to find out the motive, but what does it have to do with some classified material and ​high ranking officers? This is an intriguing and enveloping mystery where nothing is as it seems. The clues are tantalizing as well, featuring a rousing exploration of the difference between the truth and duty.

fc16Felix R. Savage’s “That Ol’ Time Sensawunda” – Spacechamp is a female fighter pilot caught up in horrific battles, experiencing multiple losses of her compatriots and trying to retain her optimism despite this. But when her life gets complicated, how will she handle the true meaning of grief and learning about the hidden burdens of command? An absorbing portrayal of a young pilot thrust into the depressing abyss of war while also superbly illustrating the emotional toll that is taken in the process.

Nick Webb’s military science fiction series throws open his universe to explore heretofore unheard of hidden tales of war, the deep emotional turmoil on how it impacts everyone and above all else, the meaning of loyalty and sacrifice. This diverse anthology showcases the versatility and innovation of its authors extremely well, demonstrating how many exciting stories there are to tell here, with plenty of pew, pew, pew action!

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