Reading Room: The Delphi Revolution – The Delphi Trilogy, Book 3 by Rysa Walker

Book Title: The Delphi Revolution – The Delphi Trilogy, Book 3

Author: Rysa Walker

Publication Date: October 9, 2018

Available on: Amazon as an eBook, a paperback and as an audiobook

Indie Athenaeum Rating: 5 out of 5 Stars

Picking up directly from the events in the second novel, “The Delphi Resistance”, Anna is hiding in Sandalford with her friends and fellow adepts who also developed powers as a result of the Delphi program. Plotting to figure out how to take down the Delphi Project and destroy its plans, they are thrown a curve ball when they realize something unexpected has happened to Anna and her actions become suspect.

This throws the entire novel into motion as she and her allies must outwit her latest hitcher and try to outmaneuver the forces closing in around her. Attacked in her mind and by the nefarious Delphi forces allied with presidential candidate Ronald Cregg, Anna’s resistance must fight to survive the coming storm. Will Anna and her allies succeed in their efforts?

This is the conclusion to a trilogy of novels which means that it’s a no holds barred, winner-take-all scenario between the children with abilities and the Delphi Project, who want to imprison and experiment on them. The stakes are high as the country is whipped into a frenzy over super-powered humans d2.5and their rapidly increasing fear of them. Not to mention the terrorist attacks decrying experimentation on children. This creates a lot of pressure, both political and military, and raises the tension level to its highest level as lives are at supreme risk and the future of this large group of children with abilities is thrown into doubt.

The conclusion was a rip-roaring adventure with personal ramifications for Anna as characters are killed and all storylines are wrapped up in surprising and unusual ways. There are plenty of deaths in this novel (including one in particular that really wrecked me) but also unpredictability in where the plot swerves next. There are also shocking revelations and violence aplenty as it all adds up to a final confrontation that I could not put down, not for a single second.

The role of all of the other Delphi adepts and their powers added new layers to the story and made it that much more complex. Their powers were of many different varieties and their usage to help Anna and her cause was very strategic and well done. With all of the different abilities they displayed, as well as their young ages, I felt more sympathy for them as they were thrust into the middle of a war they don’t know how to fight.

The entire novel was brisk, moving from one scene to another as Anna and her crew try to gather clues to figure out their enemy and their endgame while trying to avoid getting captured themselves. Enmeshed within this are intriguing characterization and more development for our beloved favorites as well as putting them all in severe mortal peril. Anna, Aaron, Deo, Taylor, Dr. Kelsey and more all get moments to shine over the course of the novel as well.

d2I was happy to see Dacia had a larger role too, as she is one cruel and devious enemy. I also looked forward to seeing whether she would get some comeuppance for what she had put all of our favorite characters through over the course of this entire trilogy. Even the Cregg family gets a lot more depth to them and their history is more fully unfurled, making for eye-opening reading and makes them more understandable and maybe even a little sympathetic (but overall, still evil).

A new development for Anna is we learn more about her biological parents. Their history with the Delphi Project plays a much more significant role in this novel than I would’ve expected. I was delighted with this, as it answered many of the questions I had about them, as it was very welcomed.

There are a lot of nice callbacks to the previous novels here. Not only with the continuity between them but also the new situations our characters find themselves in and the personal development they receive. Ultimately, it all ties together tightly. There’s also plenty of connection to “The Abandoned”, the Delphi novella that takes place between books two and three of this trilogy.

Having read all of the author’s stories before, this interwoven tapestry is one of her hallmarks, along with her strong characterization. The author deftly uses multi-generational family history to demonstrate how the actions of previous generations have a strong impact on current day events. Her dialogue breathes life into these characters so that you cannot help but feel strongly for their plight and the dangerous situations they find themselves in.

This is a thrilling novel that concludes the trilogy. d1It has it all: a suspenseful plot, skillful use of family history and government conspiracies and wonderful characters that you feel like you know inside and out. While I would welcome more stories in this world, this trilogy feels complete. I was sad and yet satisfied when it was over.

It took me on a delightful journey filled with the wonder of the paranormal and the super-powered while grounding it firmly in human emotions and relatable people. It also wraps up the whole trilogy in a tragic and heartfelt way while making us wonder whether everyone is going to survive and whether the good guys will prevail in this difficult conflict between right and wrong.

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