The publishing plan for The Indie Athenaeum!

This blog will primarily feature book reviews for all the stories that I’ve read and am reading. As for the type of fiction I will be reviewing, my primary focus will be on speculative fiction, which is defined by as:

“a broad literary genre encompassing any fiction with supernatural, fantastical, or futuristic elements.”

This includes stories in the science fiction genre, as well as in other genres like thrillers, suspense, mystery, and some horror as well.

The initial plan for this blog will be to publish a book review five days a week to start, for the next five weeks. To the best of my knowledge, this has never been done before. Come cheer me on as I try to do this!

While I will be publishing new book reviews regularly and especially over the course of the next five weeks, I also plan on highlighting old reviews that I’ve written that might not have received a spotlight on them lately.

So far, I have five categories of reviews that I’ll be adding to The Indie Athenaeum going forward:

Book Review: Current stories I’ve read in the past few months

Spotlight on: Reviews I’ve never published before for books I’ve read in the past year or so.

Short Story Corner: Short stories I’ve read from the recent past to the present.

Reading Room: Older book reviews that I’ve previously published in the past year or so. But, you might not have been aware I wrote a review for them before now.

Vintage Reading Room: Book reviews that I’ve previously published from more than a year or so ago.

All these categories are for stories that I’ve read, reviewed and enjoyed. They all feature quality storytelling deserving of your attention.

After this initial five days a week of five weeks of content, I’ll slow it down some, though there will still be new content a couple of times a week (or even more often than that). Eventually, my plan is to add all the reviews that I’ve written in the past onto the shelves of The Indie Athenaeum. This will also include the current ones I publish on an ongoing basis.

From then onwards, the sky’s the limit. I have ideas for the next few months that will continue to see this blog grow and flourish as I add more and different content to it.

So, there will be new content from me five days a week for now. If you feel it’s a little much and your news feed gets filled with my social media posts, please feel free to mute me for a little while. But if you do, I hope you come back after the initial blitz is over and keep on visiting.

If you have suggestions or ideas for what type of content you would like to see featured here, please let me know. I’m interested in getting your feedback and exploring what you want to see on this blog!

Monday: My first book review to be posted in The Indie Athenaeum!

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